What have we done so far?

Over several months we have steadily given funds for food, rent, heating, vitamins, winter clothes and transport for school where they are most needed

On pilgrimages, in our suitcases we have taken clothes, toys and everyday medicines

At Christmas 2015 we took out 220 labelled and carefully chosen presents for members of 56 families.  We gave out over 1000 Christmas cards – all named and signed with messages from parishioners, religious, individuals and groups.

We linked primary schools in the UK with refugee children in Amman - making cards and videos for them

In February we sponsored and accompanied a great day out for 103 Iraqis and their priests to Mount Nebo and the Baptism Site of Jesus to celebrate Mass and renew our Baptismal promises

In March we invited Iraqis to join a UK parish pilgrimage to Petra for three days

In April we set up the first month of the “Beautiful Woman” project to provide the women monthly with all they personally need.  In collaboration with the women themselves, we have drawn up a list, and issue named and numbered vouchers worth 10 JDs (£10) each.  These are redeemable at a designated pharmacy.

There are some 1,300 registered Iraqi Christian refugee families being cared for in parishes in Amman. We are in touch with and assisting about 200 families and we want steadily to increase our support for basic needs for more families.  We want to give dignity and improve the quality of their lives whilst they wait to move on to a new country to begin a new life.

We plan to provide English courses in Amman with a UK language school and volunteer TEFL teachers, to give a head start with the language skills they will need

We are exploring the provision of computers in the parishes for education, and to establish links with parishioners and schools

We will run special and unique study tours, pilgrimages and holidays for the refugees and their UK friends.  

What do we hope to do?

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