What we do?

We seek to bring dignity, prayer and hope to the Iraqi Christian asylum seekers who have come to the Church in Jordan for sanctuary and help.  Their smiles and Christian Faith belie the suffering they have endured, having had the option to covert to Islam, to die or to leave; they witnessed terrible atrocities in their towns and villages and, leaving everything, escaped with their lives.

Now they are refugees, not allowed to work, dependent upon handouts for everything.  Most are professionals, business-men, teachers, skilled craftsmen and technicians, well qualified to be self-sufficient. About 1,300 families are being cared for in five parishes in Amman, waiting in hope for visas to start a new life in Australia, Canada, the US or the UK.

We cannot solve the grave refugee problems of poverty, uncertainty and the need for visas but we can give friendship and communication with other Christians and the assurance that they are not forgotten, that they belong to a caring Universal Church, and that their sacrifice was not in vain.

Our aims are to:

Link -

UK Christian parishes with the Jordanian parishes caring for the refugees; UK Christian schools with Christian schools in Jordan

Introduce -

UK parish families to befriend and support Iraqi families

Fund raise -

for food, personal expenses, electricity and water

English lessons for adults; outings to raise morale and for spiritual benefit

Organise visits

to Jordan from the UK to meet families socially and by way of pilgrimages, study days and family holidays, enabling Iraqi families to enjoy something approaching “normal” Christian life and friendship

Parishes for Peace


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